From the moment you start to develop your social media strategy to drive your business, always remember that Instagram is one of the most efficient mobile app capable of accelerating your company’s online marketing strategy to a greater height. Although Instagram isn’t the only application with positive results for businesses, it is one that is extremely difficult to overlook, considering its current value that is worth Billions of Dollars, with over 400 million users worldwide.

There are a lot of ways in which Instagram can serve a significant advantage when promoting your businesses. These include strategy, marketing, image branding, and philosophy. But to realize all of these promotion plans, you need to have a productive and reputable Instagram profile with an adequate level of followers. Now, this is where we come in. Our company can take it up from you as you sit back and watch us build a compelling profile for you and your business.

As a company with decades of experience in digital and social media marketing, we offer high-grade followers service that will flood your Instagram profile and equip you with that strategic advantage that will efficiently kick-start your marketing drives. The followers that we offer will ‘Like and Share’ your images, tags, and post into their networks, from the very onset, which presents a “ready-made” platform for you to market your business.

Why Instagram and why

Being a business that engages in product and services, you just might be wondering how best you can use Instagram to serve your interest. Well, the primary use of the app in question is to share photographs. Therefore, the initial intent is to get your profile populated with relevant and result-oriented pictures as well as encouraging likes and comments build up. One major factor that characterizes the use of Instagram is the inability of someone to link a photo to a different site, meaning you cannot rely on it for site referrals. Notwithstanding, you can always use the app to get more people involved in sharing your brand while growing your audience as well.

Most people that use Instagram or other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter often tag the posts they publish. This is an ideal marketing door for your business. One effective means you can market your business is to add contests where numerous users can tag a themed image in line with the guidelines you set for your contest. By doing this, you have not only branded yourself successfully on the network but also enable the opportunity to go viral as followers of newcomers recognize the tag including the feed.

Our Approach

The Instagram platform is one that is loaded with millions of users globally, and the number keeps increasing daily. The Instagram app is primarily an image sharing app which you are also free to use across other platforms. The app is simple and intuitive to use in so much that even a novice who doesn’t know the direction and placement of his or her camera can snap remarkable and quality looking pictures without breaking a sweat. Instead of just being merely social, you can apply it as a promoting tool in the business environment. At GramDog, the followers we supply will go a long way in making your business goals attainable with remarkable ease. Therefore, investing your money in the unique services we offer won’t be a waste of efforts, as you would be ensuring and securing the future of your business for the short, medium and long-term.

Another unique aspect of using Instagram that is worth mentioning is the possibility of “building Instagram into Facebook pages,” and multipurpose web apps. What this means is that you have the privilege of setting up an Instagram tab right on your Facebook page where photos can be pulled in using a specific hashtag. By so doing, users will be inspired to tag their pictures and even like yours. A typical example is with people that use Hootsuite. They can easily share Instagram photos on their Facebook and Twitter profiles in a user-friendly way. What are you still waiting for? Create and present an opportunity for people to share your pictures—it is a strategic way of creating excellent contests that can go viral.